Friday, August 19, 2011

Gwithian sunshine

Yes, it does sometimes! This summer has been a disappointment, apart from the early bit so when the sun does come out, it's wise to make the most of it!

 Looking past the lifeguard hut towards St Ives

I adore these firey crocosmia, they set the hedgerows and moors ablaze!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Board meet, Lusty Glaze

Looking across to Newquay from Lusty

Just a few snaps I took on the 26th June of some lovely old sticks.... is it me/the angle of photo, but has that Surf Rider got a narrowed nose?

Here's another Surfrider. Lovely.

Little and large

More belly goodness.....these belong to Sean. He told me the board with the Classic board with the girl logo is the only one that's allowed in his flat! Hee hee...

Sweet little moggie

The british Museum of Surfing van was there with a goodly selection of nice boards

Gavin of Traditional Surfing with his boards....see those little bellyboards over at the edge? He shaped those. One of them is mine.

Here is Gladys as she was....

And as she is now I've done a paint job on her. Nice....?

Surfed her twice so far, had an absolute ball. Am in again at Gwithian tonight with any luck.

Monday, February 14, 2011


We went for a nice Saturday morning stroll over Gwithian beach. The swell was heavy and waves were breaking high against the lighthouse rocks. One poor lady misjudged the waves as they broke on the beach, and got caught with her little dog! She saw the water coming too late, tried to run for it....but fell over! The little dog was fine, he just had a jolly good shake and was dry. Obviously that wasn't an option for the lady, who was soaked from the waist down, but to her enormous credit, continued the walk to the end of the beach and back again to the warmth of her car.

 The 'Better Half' surveys the scene. No surfing today, me 'ansome!
 At least the dog's happy, snuffling and scratching in the sand.

When we returned to the van, we decided to go for a coffee, so we deposited the dog in the front of the aged camper and walked towards the far end of the chalets, where the Jampot Cafe reigns. Very different in character to the Sunset cafe, by the carpark, which is more surfey, the Jampot is a sweet little venue to sip a decent mug of chocolate and survey the sea. It's distinctive roundhouse design stands out and is very simply furnished inside. An electric fan heater disguised as a log stove, brought ample heat to the little room, although there was also a vintage, out-of-action and very rusty pot bellied stove, which bore the sign 'No Smoking'! I did take a photo, but sadly accidentally deleted it, along with some of the other Jampot shots. Sigh..... Still, here are a few survivors to give you an idea.

 The Jampot Cafe! And aptly named for it's appearance.

 A few local magazines are thoughtfully left for browsing.

 The inside roof structure, very interesting. We will return!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Sunday Stroll

What a lovely change from the vile weather we've had of late. Almost spring-like and a perfect excuse to get out for a stroll through the Towans and down the steep path to the sands of Gwithian.
 Part of the old mine workings that dot the area. It was a steep scramble up here and I had to grab the dog before he launched himself over the drop onto the beach, at the top!

The mouth of the tunnel/cave
 Old ironwork that has rusted to a sculptural form and stained the rock it's attached to.

 Another intriguing shaft-like cave. I must try and find out about this area.

 Bits of wood and iron jut up from rock, their original uses obscured.

 There were plenty of other walkers on the beach, luckily the beach is so large everybody's spread out. Till the tide comes in and everybody is confined to a narrow strip of pebbles!

 Sea-worn bricks form an old outlet.

Back on top of the cliffs, a last gaze at the panorama. In the far distance across the bay are the houses of Carbis Bay, St Ives's neighbour.

And finally, a pic I took last week with my new camera. The lighting was wonderful.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Boxing Day walk to Cadgwith

Cadgwith is a picturesque fishing village nestled down at the tip of Cornwall, near the Lizard. A mecca for tourists with very un-vehicle friendly streets (unless you have a boat!). We parked in the free carpark up the hill at Ruan Minor and with the dog bundled up in his new winter coat, headed off towards the steep footpath down into Cadgwith itself.  It was a grey day with an icy wind to probe your unmuffled bits. Brrrr!
 Over the stone stile.....
 There's Cadgwith below......
 And another stone stile into a cut which gave blessed relief from the wind.
 The footpath leads into the village...
 Parking spaces are like gold dust, here, even if you live here.
 Walking down between the pretty cottages
 And down into the village centre, past the pub (which hosts the very excellent Cadgwith Singers every Friday night on St Inebriatus's Eve!)
 And here are the fishing boats, pulled up onto the shore.
 Christmas decorations hang from wires, seagulls relax on the shingle.
 A jolly pleasant sight.

 What scared the seagulls off?
 Pretty cottages in abundance. I have to say though, I've seen photos of this place taken during storms and the waves batter the windows!

 And if you haven't got a car, park your boat in your car parking space!

 Time to get home for a hot chocolate!