Sunday, June 25, 2006

A nice day...

What a nice day it's been today at scribble cottage. Warm and sunny, but not too sweaty. Time to take off one of my raincoats!

The garden was cleared up a bit, a weedy patch went to make way for some kidney bean plants the neighbour donated. The old-fashioned roses are looking and smelling divine, but there are still stacks of weeds to pull out. I only ever use chemicals if I really have to.

Went to see my Mum ; her garden's looking fab too. She has a man who comes to help keep it tidy every couple of weeks, but she claims he uproots as many of her precious plants as he does weeds. Calls himself a gardener!

All this and hubby put my plate rack up in the new kitchen! He hates DIY and so I'm appropriately grateful. I spent hours last week doing a 'distressed' paint job on it, it looks a bit better than the orangey varnish it sported before.

To finish the day I took a glass of red vino into the kitchen and cooked a lovely lean bacon joint (from the butchers in the next village) and served it with potatoes, carrots, onions and a parsley sauce. Yum!

Charlie buried a bone in the garden, then dug it up again and ate some more of it.

Oh and I'm told England beat Ecuador in a world cup game. (I'm more of a rugby gal myself)

Days like this don't come much better. Ahh, simple pleasures!

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