Thursday, June 29, 2006


So much to do, so little time..... apart from the 'making-a-living' stuff that is, the list is growing. I owe a couple of people emails, I need to get some self-promotional illustrations, then there's some nice little watercolour sketches I could put on my blog...oh and must write my blog (I missed yesterday, oh well you didn't miss much). Order some curtains for Mum,hit the weedy garden again, design my new web pages, get shot of some stuff on evilbay...argh! Stop the list I'm getting dizzy!

All this and I have to make a list for Hubby and son who are soon taking Boris the elderly VW camper for it's inaugural trip, down to Cornwall. Son has just finished his GCSEs and this is the chance for him to blow off a bit of steam. To save money they're sleeping in Boris (something that we won't be doing when we go down en famille in late July/August) If I don't make a list of stuff to take they'll end up in the middle of nowhere without matches or pans. Suddenly I realise they don't have a kettle and may have to take the nice Le Creuset one from the kitchen, talk about posh! The van now has a nice big gas bottle for it's two-ring and grill cooker so I expect they'll survive. Sleeping bags are purchased, some ghastly plastic cups and plates from Tesco and a coolbox. The main thing is that they'll be able to get all the surfboards inside the van; a big improvement on strapping them to the roof of the old BMW for the 300-odd mile journey. How exciting was that in windy weather?!

Here are a couple of shots of Boris inside, showing a few bits ready for the off and the cooking arrangements. On top of the cooker is Rocky, the glove puppet otter. Bought by some surf chums for son years ago he's been with us on every surf jaunt since.

Leaving day depends on the surf reports but Boris can't hit the road before Saturday as his road tax isn't valid till then. So that'll leave Charlie and I to potter about the house for a few days, up to a week, even if the surf gets good. Perhaps I'll pamper myself a little!

Speaking of the old BMW, we waved goodbye to it at last, yesterday. Neil, the builder who's doing our house renovations, took a shine to it and bought it off us to do up. It's done us proud over the years, never let us down and as mentioned before, has lugged the surf gear up hill and down cove for 7 years without complaint. I hope it gives Neil as much as it's given us.

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