Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well, everybody else seems to have a blog, so I thought I must gird my loins, set my jaw and probably brace myself, too, if I'm to join the happy throng. My first attempt was a mess of holiday snaps which looked like they'd been arranged on the page by the dog, so that's gone now and I'm going to try again. Not. you'll be grateful to note, with holiday snaps though!

So...I'm an illustrator by trade, at which point most people ask whether they've seen my work. Well, maybe if you're an avid reader of educational books, I've done a lot of them. Also if you buy your kitchen rolls and tissues (and toilet paper) from Boots or some of the main supermarkets you may have bought a design of mine (for which I thank you; I never buy decorated tissue myself), I've done tissue boxes featuring Puppy in my Pocket and Rupert Bear and lots with flowers on. Mostly it's the educational market for this country and abroad that keeps me going though; courtesy of my lovely agent Graham-Cameron Illustration.

I live in a village some 15 miles south-east of Lincoln, UK with my surf-hunk hubby and teen son and our 7-year old (ish) Jack Russell terrier Charlie, whom we rescued on January 4th this year and love to bits. Charlie is a rough-coated ruffian whose hobbies include chasing balls, scrounging biscuits and having his tummy tickled.He's also partial to pinching socks and running off gleefully with them.

Today hubby and I took Charlie for a walk out of the village and along farm tracks. Weather was lovely. Our usual walk route has been blocked off by building work, which is a great shame; so we had to create another route and this isn't bad apart from the fact that it takes a bit longer to get away from the road and into the fields. We usually see something interesting on our jaunts. Sometimes the barn owls hunt during daylight hours; they're fab to watch. We get lots of hares round here too and you can get quite close before they bolt. Charlie doesn't bother with them, strangely. There were poppies out today, and fields of blue flax looking like weird uphill lakes. I took a photo but the light was wrong and it wasn't a good shot. I'll try again tomorrow.

Had a bit of a shock when Son -and-heir decided he was going to hoover out and wash down our old VW camper (named Boris)! That child and the hoover are strangers, and to see him wielding a bucket of soapy water and a sponge was too good an opportunity to miss! I can't put in the other photo as he was giving me a two-fingered salute!

His sudden enthusiasm is entirely down to the fact that we haven't had Boris that long and he's spent a lot of time being made road-worthy at the local garage and we just got him back. Hubby and son want to go off for a jaunt in him for a few days to make sure all is well before we all go down to Cornwall in August. Anyway, the bus is now clean and sparkly and the rust patches are being treated. It will have a respray some time when finances allow. I keep thinking I should perhaps do an arty job on it, being an illustrator an' all, but I suspect I won't have the time. Son is adamant he wants the bus to remain black, I think it's a bit funereal. Sigh.......

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PG said...

Hi Sue, just found invitation to stop at ours for lunch on the way down to Cornwall - check the map and look for Burford, we're a few miles from there in West Oxfordshire, I think you''ll find you are passing on your way down. Am more than happy to provide a 'welome break'. Let me know. :)