Thursday, July 27, 2006

Even hotter!

Seems like a long time since I blogged......... I blame the heat in the studio; I can't concentrate!

The holiday looms large now and we've been preparing to take Big Black Boris on the 300-odd mile trip to Cornwall. I have given the shabby cooker/sink cabinet a temporary coat of blue paint which cheers it up somewhat. The tie-dye curtains will have to wait till I have time as I'm needlework-ably challenged and need to take my time with anything resembling sewing. So that's my Winter Job.

We took Boris out for a run to hubby's parents' home, some 35 miles distant....15 miles out, the engine conked! AArgh! Luckily we managed to limp back home and got the bus to the garage in the village, where the mechanic took one look under the bonnet and said 'Aha! The widget's worked loose!' And promptly fixed it...took seconds! (I say widget because I don't know what it was called, but for the sake of the technically minded of you, the Bus was sucking more air than fuel. That done we were once again on our way and this time all went as smoothly as a 2 litre 25 year old VW engine can be. Phew! Only one thing now..........another techy thing means that we don't have time to finish doing the heating/cooling bits on Boris, (risers? shrug) before the hols as it's quite a fiddly job, so we're driving round with the interior heater ON! Now remember we have 300 ish miles to travel and you'll understand why we've decided to travel overnight! Think of us arriving at our destination, red and dripping with sweat........and me at my time of life too! Oh well, makes life interesting and gives me something to write in my blog.


andrea said...

An illustrated life! I enjoyed a quick peruse through your blogs. Have fun in Cornwall -- a friend from West Sussex spends the same two weeks there every summer.

Becky said...

Good luck for the journey, hope the widgets and doodahs hold out

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Have fun on your journey :) I just found your blog and I`m going to enjoy it.
We have been doing the same thing all summer for the past two summers.....driving with the heat on full blast in slow town traffic! Finally hubby was forced to look at something under the hood for one reason or another and saw this thingy unattached. He re-attached the thingy and no more sweating bullets LOL