Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grumpy old beach bum

Here's a little watercolour study of a couple coming back from a snatched hour at the beach. (apologies for the quality of my scanner, some sky wash has disappeared) Although this couple don't seem to have too much stuff with them, I see people trudging back and forth weighed down with clutter. They fascinate me. I have to ask myself why they need all this stuff. It's as if they have the need to set up their little suburban space on the 'wilds' of a beach lest they feel insecure without all their trappings to hand. Sit on any beach this summer and listen to the sound of the waves being drowned out by the inane trill of mobile phones and the bellowed conversations that ensue.

Windbreaks I suppose have their place but the massive multi-windbreak corrals that are making an appearance appal me. 'This is our space, keep well away!' is the message. The only trouble with windbreaks is that although they keep the wind out they also screen the occupants from good things. last year a crowded beach in Cornwall was treated to the spectacle of wild bottle-nosed dolphins jumping and showing off not far out to sea. The people behind windbreaks missed most of it.

Kites......argh...I HATE kites! I was almost brained by one that some unrepentant nincompoop lost control of. They glide and swoop above me like predatory birds awaiting their chance to get me again. I walk kite-infested beaches with the top of my skull crawling in anticipation.

There will be more beach-related sketches and waffling. I have to go and do some work now, but I'm looking forward to our holiday at the beach in a couple of weeks. We will go down to the beach with surfboards and a towel and a bottle of water and everything else left locked away in the van till we need it.


natural attrill said...

Hi Sue, I agree about the phones and all that stuff! I LOVE beaches, looking for shells, and stones and other sea washed suprises. I love snorlelling too. I also like walking along beaches, especially english seaside resorts, in the winter when its grey and windy and no one else is about. Penny.

Joanna said...

I'm affraid I take far to much stuff to the beach and think how can I carry it. I'm trying to get sorted with as much referance as I can take for tomorrows beach?river trip. The stuff is, paints, brushes pencils, portfolia of referance material. Then there is the swimming cossie. So its all in aid of being artistic and amusing myself while my boyfriend is fixing his boat for hours or maybe going sailing. I agree with you about all the normall stuf people take with them though.