Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hot hot hot!

Well, after the drama of the other day, anything else is a bit of a let down. Still, one must make the effort.......though in this heatwave it's hard to think straight!
The Phormium plant in the back garden has flowered again this year, just the second time ever. Last year it was covered with huge majestic spikes of flower. This Oh well, a good excuse for les boys to strike a dramatic pose in front of it!

I took Charlie for his walk very early yesterday because of the heat. Here are a few shots of our route. The landowner blocked off a part of the walk a few weeks ago, which was a blow. Fortunately the local council came to the rescue and reopened up an ancient footpath that hasn't been used during the memory of the people who've lived in the village all their lives. This footpath joins up with the old one at a point before the blocked bit so we can walk the familiar way again and just finish the circuit by walking this new/ old path. Trouble is, it's not been trodden down yet and is criss-crossed with plough marks and some beds of very sharp thistles!

Some late flax flowers among the seed pods

Tiptoe through the thistles to a gap in the hedge by that house!


natural attrill said...

lovely photos Sue. Flax flowers, makes me wonder if we could make things, dont know much about flax do you? P.

Sue said...

I don't, except they're so beautiful en mass.