Saturday, July 01, 2006

Secret life of a Surf-widow

Well I waved adieu to my nearest and dearest at midnight last night as they clattered off rather noisily in the old veedub bus Boris, for a quick shake-down weekend before the main hols in August. They phoned at 8.30 this morning to say they'd just arrived in Bude to surf heaven and apart from a teeny fuel leak the old bus was fine. Phew! I spent a restless night waking at odd times, checking the clock and thinking 'they haven't come back with the AA yet then' and 'oh, they must be at about Bristol by now' , as one does. I was particularly proud of Son as he passed up the chance to go to his school's end-of-year prom in evening dress and mingle with all the young ladies in their long go surfing with his dad. Ahhhhh!

Anyway, here I am, just me and the dog. Chocolate for this evening has been purchased and is in the fridge, as it would have been molten by now in this heat, wine is lined up, and a nice bulghar wheat salad, but that's for later. This morning I managed to shift a stack of paving slabs, double-glazed panels and rubble, so that I could get at the soil by the house wall and plant Mrs Cholmondeley (clematis in case you're wondering) that has shot to the top of it's cane and needed a nice trellis to grab hold of. There's another hole ready for another clematis at the other end of the house and a tub down the side. I have to admit, this is a cunning plan to hide some brickwork that the builder couldn't match (our cottage was made with hand-made bricks apparently and we couldn't afford the obscene sum it would have cost to try and get some reclaimed ones. ) So...different coloured patch where the windows and french doors were altered...chuck a clematis at it! Give it a couple of seasons and it'll be rampant vegetation, just what I like!

The garden pond has, alas, been drained. It was due to be moved, as we want a patio there now and I was going to put another smaller pond up the garden to replace it as I can't stand the vision of disappointed froggies with tear-stained little cheeks, next Spring, coming to find their spawning place paved over. Then we got the dog and he kept jumping into it, chasing flies and stuff, by which time it was becoming a bit whiffy as I hadn't dredged it out as I was moving it; so Charlie was coming out wet and stinky. Then the worst thing...I found the sodden body of a hedgehog floating there. :-(((( They usually go to drink at the low shallow end but somehow this one had fallen in and been unable to get out. I felt so bad I set to and pumped the water out ready to fill it in, a couple of evenings ago.
So now the ex pond is a stinking pit and ready to fill...but I still had a waterlily to save and also a marsh marigold, which flowers it's heart out every spring. I don't have another pond ready yet and I don't want them to die so I've done a bit of lateral thinking. I present to you.....the waterlily-in-a-bin! Well it may not be elegant, but you must admit it's different! The old dustbin was the only thing I had that was big enough and waterproof enough to house the lily. the marigold. It's big, I may have to have another lateral think!
Below are a couple of pictures, one of the lovely surfers weathervane that I designed and George next door made for hubby; and my favourite rose, Rosa Mundi, which was magnificent in it's stripy petals and scent a few days ago, but typically I didn't get a picture of it then. Oh, for scented-blogs!


ash said...

Greetings to Charlie from Ash - chocolate dog in the Scottish Borders. Squashing down the back of the sofa looks excellent fun.
Looking forward to checking your blog for new stories. Bye for now,
Ash x

PG said...

Poor Mrs yukky.

Hope you had a good Wine and Chocolate night, sounds just the job...

Sue said...

Hi Ash, Thanks for looking. The poor old sofa is getting pretty tatty from all the terrier tunnelling I'm doing. Maybe they'll eventually hand it over to me! Oh well, must go and do some sock-worrying.

Sue said...

Hi Gretel,Yes, I was gutted when I found the sodden little body. Couldn't wait to drain all the water out. Our next 'water feature' (how I hate that term) will be smaller and shallower.

The wine and choc was great! Yummy yummy!

muddy red shoes said...

Hoorraah!!!! you are posting, I have linked you now so no excuses, you might find it becomes addictive! Just got a big job for Uganda, I think you have too, am I right, LOVE the weathervein.
keep on blogging, have fun sans chaps this weekend (sorry Charlie, forgot, you is a chap too)