Monday, August 28, 2006


I drove Boris the camper for the first time today! I asked Hubby if he'd give me a lesson and his jaw dropped! This is because I avoid driving as much as I can, as I seem to have developed a bit of a phobia about it. I've held my license for about 30 years but never felt at ease behind the wheel.
However, I have decided that I won't be beaten by this and as a result decided to tackle driving the biggest vehicle I've ever tried! Hubby took me to the local disused airfield and I had a go at seeing how many gears I could crunch! All went well, though reverse was tricky to select as the gearbox is a bit 'approximate'. I felt so good about it that when Hubs suggested I carry on driving off the airfield and onto the main road to visit my Mum in the next village. And I made it!
Major smug mode!

Holiday snaps

We're baaaaack! :-) It was such a success, mucho beach-bumming, surfing and quaffing of rough red vino. All this and Boris the bus performed faultlessly! Charlie was a very good dog, if taking his responsibilities as Veedub security doordog a bit seriously at times when he leaped out of the van barking viciously at passing dog-walkers! Good job we had him on a rope. (His nick-name is now Dope-on-a-rope)

We actually persuaded Charlie to swim across some rock pools!

The only pic featuring little me, taken during the hol! Back garden of the cottageBoy and board

The boys suit up by Boris

The weather was varied but generally good if windy (which spoiled the waves later in the second week) and so much water time was had. I did tend however, to leave my bodyboarding till the crowds had departed. I like to wade out quite far and catch unbroken waves, which means I have been known to catch the odd very strong wave and get hurled uncontrollably towards the more timid bathers in the shallower water. It's like seeing transfixed rabbit eyes in your headlights...I always try to avoid mowing them down but sadly some waves are so strong, collision is unavoidable! The numbers of near-misses mounts, too. Worryingly I find myself muttering 'Getcha next time' to folks I just missed by a whisker!