Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Donald Caleb Wakefield-1924-1982

On this day, 24 years ago my Dad passed away unexpectedly. He was just 57. He went to bed, his suit hanging ready for the morning and the loose change he always took out of his pockets at night, on the dresser, unknowing of what that night would bring. He never woke.

To say his family all still miss him would be to state the painfully obvious. He left a vast rift. He had a crazy sense of humour, fuelled by radio shows like 'The Goons'. He loved gardening, would have had a fit if he'd seen the weeds in mine! He met my Mum at the Talisman theatre in Kenilworth, where he was an enthusiastic scenery painter and actor. Never seen without a pipe clamped between his teeth, he took great delight in volunteering for work at the Boy's Club in Swindon, where we lived in the 60's. Later, in Grantham he founded the new Kontak Social Club in Grantham, when their old premises were taken from them. He loved rugby, playing for many years and breaking his nose and legs on separate occasions in his youth. He played Golf on Sundays, never failing to bring home a bottle of wine to drink with Sunday lunch!

He rose from being an apprentice in the drawing office to fully-fledged hydraulic engineer and Technical director. He loved his work which sometimes took him all over the world, and was proud of his achievements.

He never knew his grandchildren, he'd have been so proud, as we were of him.

Rest in Peace, Dad.


June Goulding said...

That is a touching tribute to your father Sue.
It also made me reminisce about my dad.

Let's both raise a glass to our dads.

June :¬)

natural attrill said...

What a moving post, good to read about your Dad and a lovely photo too.
Your boy plays rugby doesnt he? must be in the genes.
Hope you are not feeling too sad, and that you have a bottle of wine on Sunday in the family tradition.

Anonymous said...

have a hug sue and indeed, raise a glass to your Dad.