Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Before...and after!

The house renovations have stopped now till after Christmas, except, hopefully, for the installation of the new stove as it's getting a bit chilly now. Here are a few 'before/after shots so you can see what Neil the builder has done.

Here's the dining room, before and after plastering and reflooring. The 'new' stove is still waiting to go into the sitting room but until that glorious day we've chucked an old sheet over it to keep dust off. It's chilly and the convector heaters follow us around the house at the moment.

This is the other end of the dining room, showing the new hall door.

And the hall, with my new bookcase!! Not finished yet, still some mouldings to fit and a coat of paint which will be done when the hall is plastered, but the books are off the floor and out of boxes again, at last!

Lots and lots of painting and tiling to do now, worse luck. Still, it'll look nice when it's done, as they say. Maybe it'll sell quickly when the time comes, too.


natural attrill said...

Hello, what a mamouth job! I am sure it will all come together really well when you have painted and tiled. Parts of our house permenantly look like a building site, mind you, we have only been here about 16 years or so!

Sue said...

Hee hee, just like us; we moved here in '88 and then the recession hit, rendering us unable to afford to do anything with the place. It's only now we built up enough equity we can do this. The worst bit's done now, upstairs is more cosmetic.

PG said...

I want your bookcase. I now have shelf envy to go with my stove envy.