Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My new Docs

I just had to show you my new Doc Martens! Aren't they lovely? I treated myself to them when the sole started to come away from my old (well 1 year-old!) trainers. These were on Ebay brand new at under 40 quid, so I grabbed them. Soooo comfortable for walking the dog and standing watching rugby matches on draughty pitches. They've had lots of admiring comments too. Mmmmm...smug mode! :-)


muddy red shoes said...

lush, just that. lucky you.

natural attrill said...

These are fab boots, great colour.

Talking of Lush, I can never get onto website, does it ever work?


Sue said...

Lush....oooo I love their stuff! I got lots of xmas pressies for the family from them last year. I do find their website works but is a bit obscure at times.

natural attrill said...

Hi Sue, just tried Lush again from the link on your blog, still cant get to it, says 'website not reponding'. Mind you, that is probably a good thing, must save me a fortune only being able to get Lush on trips out to the big city!

Gordon Fraser said...

HAH! Tis a pair of girly boots madam!!! Wot you want is some man boots like mine....NEW ROCKS UP TO ME THIGHS...ALL BLACK (naturally) AND COVERED IN BUCKLES.........hmmmmmmmm.....NICE!