Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now see what you've done...

It was Gretel's blog ( ) that started me off.....the printmaking bug has bitten again!
It's been at least 20 years since I last got out my wood engraving tools. I once even owned a table-top Albion Press...but I sold it, like a fool. Anyway, reading Gretel's blog and seeing her lovely old woodblocks and printers 'sorts' made me wonder what sort of condition my stored engraving kit was in, up in it's cardboard box in the attic. So I yanked down the ladder and crawled up to have a look.
Well the ink roller had literally melted! Left a sticky deposit on everything. I should be able to replace the melty bit though, so I've kept the holder. Everything else was perfect though. I'd forgotten how nice the burins looked in their custom cigar box holder (made by an ex-boyfriend). I found some old proofs too, not very good, I was still struggling with my style in those days and was a bit tentative; and it shows.
Soooooo...time to have another go, although this time I shall be printing using an old spoon as a burnisher. Maybe if I keep at it I'll get hold of an old pinch press or adana. (I still also have all my galley furniture and quoins; see how the terminology surfaces again! hee hee!)
I'll post anything worthwhile!


PG said...

I am (almost) leaping around the room in glee, that is brilliant, I am so glad to have 'infected' you, now get a nice bit of boxwood and get engraving! I always wanted to do that, but couldn't afford the bits and bobs, lino was considerably cheaper.

Who will be next to succumb..?

Sue said...

Hee hee hee! I am picturing you cavorting madly!

I still have a few blank blocks and some ink, (though I don't know how good it'll be after all these years)....not sure if the blocks are pear or box, but it doesn't matter. Tonight I'll see if I can recycle an old sketch, something simple just for starters.
Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

natural attrill said...

This is excellent news, isnt it brilliant to be inspired by friends!

I have never been into printing myself, I am afraid to say that when I saw Gretels blog, and those lovely little blocks, I was thinking, if you drilled a hole in them they would be great for jewellery...oh dear, excpect i had better run for cover now!

I recognise those little tools, burins did you say? Toby has a set of somthing with those same handles. That is another side of Toby's life, I dont get so involved in, with his Dad and all the tools he has. Laurence has lots of woodworking machinery, tools and metal lathe...

I am really looking forward to seeing what you create Sue, please show us! would be good to see the actual step by step process of printing if you have time to take some photo's and blog about it.

Anyway, glad to see you blogging again, dont leave it too long till the next post!


PG said...

Eek! Have just read Penny's comment about drilling holes in woodblock! Came over all faint...the very thought...

I love your new boots, but I am looking forward to seeing some printing.

natural attrill said...

Heee heee, sorry Gretel!!

Sue, you are confusing me (easily done), just posted on your other blog, thought I had posted there before, but it was here, doesnt take much at my age...