Monday, April 16, 2007

A Day at Twikkers

We went to Twickenham stadium, home of English rugby union on Sunday, to watch the Cornish Pirates play Exeter Chiefs in the EDF Energy cup final. It was really a support event to a game featuring Leicester Tigers v Ospreys, but to us the Pirates game was the one to watch!
It was an incredibly warm day and we were in seats right at the top of the east side...fortunately in the shade. The Cornish Pirates have a huge number of loyal supporters not just in Cornwall but all over the country, and most of them seemed to have made the trip down to Twikkers to see their team play in the most important game they'd ever played. We have supported the Pirates for years, we're not Cornish and don't live there (yet) but have been so impressed by the sheer heart and enthusiasm of the club. The supporters club, named the 'Press gang' fill coaches for every away game and travel hundreds of miles from their base in Camborne/ Penzance , to overwhelm other clubs with cornish flags, singing and cheering. Hubby Mart (aka Woll) is one of the volunteer reporters/photographers for the fan website, for the away games that are played 'oop north', Doncaster. Leeds, Nottingham etc so he generally gets pitchside passes, along with son (Woll Jnr) who takes notes and types the report on his laptop in the car on the way home. No pitchside pass at Twikkers, of course, but he still managed to take some good photos from various spots. cut a long story short and there are match reports elsewhere on the web, the Pirates WON! The Chiefs are a tough team and no pushover and to beat them 16-19 was a huge achievement. It must have gutted the Exeter contingent, and I feel for them, but the Pirates really deserved this one.
The Pirates management had hired one of the bar areas in the stadium solely for the use of people holding Pirate tickets, and there after the game, congregated fans, management (including multi-millionaire boss Dicky) and most importantly the players. They aren't precious about the soon as it came into the bar it was thrust at an unsuspecting supporter with the instruction to 'pass it around'! So here's family Woollatt with said trophy! Yay!!!!

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