Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Drawing a (washing) line

Is it me? Am I alone in finding a line of washing worth a photo? Hubby thought I was potty! (Well pottier than normal.) I have always admired the lush colour and luminous quality of backlit washing. Once I went with an art group to a pretty Cotswold village, to paint. At the end of the session, everybody had painted the honey-stone cottages except for me...I'd painted a line of washing. I'll have to dig out the watercolour sometime. Hubby's not keen on it's not art. Is it?


muddy red shoes said...

Not alone Sue, i love em too! Thats a nice one in your photo.
Hey... its almost time, guess what I got in the post yesterday? A deadline of 18th april and 175 drawings to do....haaaaa haaaa maniacial laugh!

June said...

I love to see a line of washing blowing in sunshine. I used to draw washing lines full of all kinds of clothes when I was a child!
My neighbour however hates the fact that he can see my washing if he looks out his upstairs window...(I think he feels I should apologise for living next door to him) so I make sure I prop my washing line up high for him to 'enjoy the view' over his fence!

PG said...

You can't beat a good washing line. They remind me of Tibetan prayer flags. I am very anal about mine and like to have it all in order. And underwear on a clothes horse, as I am also very Victorian about these thing!

No news re. you know what...

Sue said...

I'm not alone good company in fact! :-)
Muddy: Hell, they know when to hit you with the avalanche jobs!

June: Hang em high! (Or just above the neighbour's fence!)

PG: Everything's been crossed for days now! Argh!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

One of my best paintings ever was a laundry line! Maybe it's a woman because we're the ones who hung up the laundry!
I always notice how women hang their laundry in neat order by size, color and garment. Carry on women of the world, your laundry inspires me!
Talk about potty or dotty :D

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The neighbor needs to get a life.