Thursday, April 26, 2007

Moving on to the bathroom.....

The latest stage of the House Renovations (which will enable us to sell up and move to Cornwall in a year or so) is upon us. The bathroom is getting manky and is ripe for a makeover. I've got to make the decision of whether to put in a standalone shower as well as the bath, or to have one of those P-shaped shower baths? We have just enough space for a bath and a shower, as long as the bath is small- a slipper bath would suit. And the shower would have to be a corner-entry one so we don't come out of the shower and fall into the toilet. Bearing in mind they keep grinding on about good bathrooms sell houses, should I go for the full 'country living' look or a more modern shower bath approach? The difference in prices is only about £150.

In the photos, the tape marks on the carpet represent the worst-case sizes for the bath, etc I'm looking at.


natural attrill said...

Gosh, I cant imagine doing this, must feel strange choosing things that will hopefully 'sell' the property, and not what you like personally. A whole different way of looking at things. I hope you get it right and make lotsa dosh so you can move to somewhere lovely in Cornwall soon.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I've always wanted to go to Cornwall.
I hope you'll post pictures of that sweet little village of Mousehole :D

As for the bath makeover. Kitchens and baths do sell houses although I'm not a realtor. Also, wonderful smells are visceral and influence the buyers. I used to clean and set up fore closed upon properties for a bank. Good luck!

PG said...

Lordy your bathroom is huge! No really, I'm not joking! Didn't realise you had plans for Cornwall...but on reflection it makes sense.