Sunday, May 27, 2007

The new bath came!

Yes, our new bath has arrived, finally! It's sitting in the dining room presently, full of packaging, taps (faucets) and other plumbing essentials. It's a sweet little slipper bath, shorter than normal so we can fit it in. I'm so excited, which is unlike me...I don't get excited about renovation. But for the first time we'll have a posh bath and a separate shower cubicle (one of those curved quarter-circle shaped ones). We've been able to get most of the stuff in sales. Now we await builder Neil's estimate for the job.

In the meantime we have an ongoing situation with two of the elderly family members, to deal with. One fell (a result of her condition, a rare brain disease called Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy, similar to Alzheimer's) and was taken to hospital for observation. She returned home a week later and a few days after that Father-in-law was taken ill and whisked into hospital too, where he is, still. Because Mum I-L can't live alone any more and we can't take her in a temporary care home had to be organised, which is where she is now...and seemingly enjoying the attention!
Father-I-L was put into an isolation room as he developed an infection that made him disorientated and confused, pulling out his drips and refusing food. He thought he was in a prisoner of war camp and at one point barricaded the door and tried to climb out of the window! Thankfully they managed to sedate him and treat the infection while he was quiet. We await the results of blood tests.
Busy times!