Friday, June 29, 2007


I've started to ease myself back into printmaking, specifically wood engraving, more details on my other blog
and the mission now is to buy a printing press, as printing with a spoon is slow and very hard work. Also harder to get consistent results. As money is very tight I decided to part with one or two old possessions in a bid to boost the fund and ensure I actually get something usable.
To this end, I've offered up to ebay a Carltonware walking peg-leg pirate cup, complete with parrot, see the pic below. I've had this since 1975, bought it new and it's sat on display ever since. I'm very fond of it and hate to lose it, but we must be practical. I now discover these items are popular and sought-after by collectors, especially if they still have the paper stickers under their mine does. So I put it on ebay with a starting price of a fiver, and waited to see if any interest was shown. Before I knew it, I have one bid and 20...yes, 20 'watchers'! Watchers are people who have bookmarked your item and are keeping an eye on bidding , usually with a view to jumping in at the last minute with a winning bid. The thing is....they don't know how many are watching the cup, the only person who is given that information is the seller...i.e. me. Well, in 5 days we shall see if all these watchers create a feeding frenzy or if they were just interested onlookers. I know at least I shall get a fiver for it!

The other item I'm thinking of selling is one of my beloved Graham Clarke etchings. I have two, one called Turnip Court, and the other one of a set , of which I just have this one, called 'Summer'. Both are old prints, circa late 70's early 80's. The one I can't bear to part with is the Turnip Court so 'Summer' will probably be the one. Looking at general prices I should get a reasonable sum for it, all grist to the printing press mill. But I think I'll just wait a tad longer.


PG said...

Nooo, Sue, you can't sell your Clarkes! Crumbs, I used to worship his work when I was an a level stude, all I had was an old Christies print catalogue, I so wanted to have my very own. Oh dear.

Caroline B said...

Ouch! I couldn't part with such a cute cup - hope it makes you lots of pennies though.

Sue said...

Gretel, I know....Graham Clarke is an art hero, he's so versatile too. I'd love to see the stained glass he did for his local church. I haven't decided for sure about selling the etching, I'm hoping I may not have to.
Caroline, I shall miss me Pirate cup, though I daren't use him with those apparently so-valuable stickers on the feet. He'll be sorely missed.

PG said...

Hey, just found your mug on eBay, good bidding, looks like you're going to do well out of it!

muddy red shoes said...

weird! I have a friend who is an avid part time pirate and whose dad (artist friend now dead) was a pa;of GC and had loads of his etchings and a few origionals, connections! He (the artist dad of the part time pirate) is also the man who did the renovation on our house and (I believe) directed us here, after his death, to buy it!

natural attrill said...

Good luck with your ebay cup! let us know how you get on.
Toby is wanting to sell things on Ebay, but we'd have to set it up for him as he is too young. Tried putting 2 china thimbles on but no-one bid! maybe another time.

Caroline B said...

I was keeping an eye on the end of the bidding and then because I wasn't an official 'watcher' it went away - do let us know the final result!