Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life goes on and the garden blooms

It's been a beautiful weekend and the garden is awash with the perfume of old fashioned roses. They're my favourite flowers, even the names set me off sighing........Buff beauty, Rosa mundi, Shropshire lass..........I have several in my garden and I'd love more but I'll wait now until we've moved ans see how many I can cram into my new space. They're all coming out now. My favourite, Rosa Mundi, with carmine and pink stripes petals and a scent to die for, has just opened it's first bloom. I'll take photos of it when it's at it's best. Here it is as it was last year.
In the meantime here are some others.

Then we had peacocks/hens in the garden! They appeared on the roof of the bungalow over the road, then flew down to Walter's front garden. They seem to lack the long tails, maybe they're youngsters? Any peacock fanciers out there?

After picking about in his flowerbed they strolled over the road, onto our wall and into our driveway. We watched them from over the back gate; poor Charlie was beside himself, trying to ooze himself under the two inch gap under the gate!

They apparently belong to some people who have just moved in up the road. Makes a change from sparrows anyway! I'd like to see them tackle the bird table!


Caroline B said...

Wow Sue! I'd love to have peacocks in the garden but the dogs would have them for sure - have to leap about to protect baby birds from them as it is.I think they are probably young ones - either that or had a nasty tail-related accident!

PG said...

Oh peacocks, you lucky! I don't find their screaming at all annoying, althought they are rather raucous. It reminds me of stately homes and teh R4 adaptation of the Forsythe Chronicles.

Sue said...

We're getting used to hearing them around the neighbourhood now. they're so beautiful. I hope that they'll leave one of their tail feathers for me!

June said...

That is one bird I cannot tick off my list of 'spotted in our garden' and believe me... our list is quite long for a city garden.

We did have a stunning Golden Pheasant pass by here once... goodness knows where that appeared from, but it would not be caught despite the best efforts of the RSPCA who were trying to find it a safer haven!

Sue said...

We have lots of different birds here, too, but ten it's a village garden. We have the bog-standard pheasants...the dog likes to try and chase them but they're too canny to let him get near!
About the oddest bird I saw in town was a ring ouzel. I thought it was a weird blackbird!