Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More holiday bits and a Birthday Boy

Firstly, I'm late by two days, but I must say Happy 17th birthday to Ben. And on his very birthday, he booked his first driving lesson! Here he is, waiting for the instructor to take him off to the old airfield to get used to the car before he tackles the surrounding villages! We tried to get a photo of him as he returned and parked up, (only scuffing the kerb slightly!) but it came out too blurry. I think hubby was laughing too much!
Ben loves driving and I don't think he'll have any trouble passing his test. He's raced karts successfully and driven both the Fiesta and Boris at the old airfield. The next lesson will be taken in the streets of the local town; I'm sure he'll take it on with aplomb.

Next, here's a pic of the two Cornish Blue mugs we fell in love with in Cornwall and bought. I love the simplicity of this pattern and as mugs they hold just enough, and are nice and chunky to hold.

And lastly, here's a quick shot of hubby's new Longboard. For those in the know, it's a Surftech 9' 1" noserider made to a template by Bo Young. Lovely thing.


natural attrill said...

Happy Birthday to Ben.
Nice blue colour theme happening in this post Sue!

Sue said...

Ha ha ha, I realised the blue theme only when I uploaded the post! I do like blue, though. ;-)