Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The big Yacht

This is an Edwardian Pond Yacht that 'lived' behind Dad-in-law's armchair. It's 71.5 inches tall (almost 6 foot!), without the stand and was made by my hubby's great grandad, Edmund Louis Saunders (born 1853), who was a carpenter. The family lived in Sunninghill, Berkshire.

It's beautifully made, a real work of art and really sails; dad-i-l saw it in the water and said it handled very well. The sails aren't original, and it's been re-rigged by dad-i-l when mum-i-l fell over onto it once! The hull is hollow and inside is kept the stick with a hook used to retrieve the yacht when sailing was done for the day.

Now sadly mum and dad i-l are no longer here and the yacht has come to live with us as nobody else in the family has room for it. We know nothing of sailing, even less about conserving such an item, but we'll do our best. If anybody happens on this blog who knows about these things, or even a family member who knows more about it, do let us know.


natural attrill said...

What a lovely thing!

His Girl Friday said...

sorry, I don't know about the preservation of such things, but it is a lovely piece! :)

Caroline B said...

That's absolutely beautiful - can't help you with your queries though.