Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas card 2007

The 'festive season' is hoving into view with relentless mercilessness and while we're so skint we haven't even started to think about buying presents, I've started to have thoughts concerning the design of our family greetings card. It's something that has evolved slowly over the years and always seems well-received by it's recipients, some of whom are kind enough to frame the card and bear with it all year.
My Christmas cards generally have an underlying theme, probably stemming from fond childhood memories of fifties Christmas Eves. It's always snowy, twilight (so that I can make the most of fairy lights and lit windows and the scene usually looks somewhat Cornish. (I don't need to go into that now, most of you know about the ambition to move there)

With that in mind, I decided to show you how I go about creating such a card, in easy steps.

Above, you see a little scribble, the germ of an idea, done in my teeny sketchbook when I had some time to myself in the rugby club bar. (I've just designed and delivered their Christmas card, too)

At the moment, it's pretty generic, no personal hasn't yet been 'Woollattised'. I've just imported it into my Mac and in my paint programme (Corel Painter) I shall personalise it this evening. You'll have to wait till tomorrow to see, probably.

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