Friday, November 16, 2007

Personalising the rough a bit...

A bit more work probably looks a bit confuddling, but I know what's what. It'll look fine when I put 'paint' on it, trust me.
I've widened the quay so I can have some people admiring the tree, and I've given myself a smart studio. The pub has a name and the boat will be named the 'SS First' after the galleon (coach) that the Press Gang (away supporters) of the Cornish Pirates Rugby team travel in for away pillaging (rugby fixtures). You might notice a rugby post peeping out beyond the church. Our family's fantasy house in this picture is the largish one set back a bit. The one with the surfboard propped up.
I won't be able to do any more to this tonight, but watch out over the weekend!


Helz said...

It's looking good Sue! I loved the one you created last year, and I'm sure this will top it. Can I have one of the little fisherman's cottages on the quayside... complete with a wood-burning stove and quaint wooden studio in the garden.. pleeeaase!! Helz x

natural attrill said...

Looking good Sue! cant wait to see how you 'paint'it.

Sue said...

Ok, can have the one at the far right, with the porch, is that ok? ;-))

Thanks, Penny, it's getting there, slowly.

fhiona galloway said...

this will be lovely when finished Sue.
Well done to your son for passing his driving test too :D