Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wobbly Scribbly Cottage!

What a night here at Scribbly Cottage! There we were at about 1am, asleep, when we became aware of a deep rumbling and heavy vibration in the house. We thought as we woke that it was just a heavy lorry rumbling past the house, as they often do...but the noise got much louder and the shaking much worse. It lasted about 10 seconds, then stopped. Deadly silence. I snapped the bedside light on, must have looked worried because hubby kept asking if I was ok. We guessed it must have been an earthquake. Hubby has experienced a smaller one, years ago in Spain.

Son woke up too, he's a teenager, so it must have been loud! We all took a long time to get back to sleep, so the aftershock was less noticed as we were fitfully dozing again. All I really noticed was a little vibration in the bed and a door downstairs rattled. I didn't realise it was an aftershock until morning, when we listened to the news.

When I spoke to my Mum in the next village, she said she had been awake and sitting on the bed edge with the light on. She said she saw the room RIPPLE! Weird!

I love stuff like this. It's a bit scary when it happens, but I like to know that nature's still in charge.

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natural attrill said...

Wasnt it scarey! I found it so weird feeling our house move.
It didnt wake Toby up though!