Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dining room decorated (more or less)

Because a couple of expected jobs were delayed by a few days, I've felt obliged to get on and paint the dining room walls at last. It's the biggest room in the cottage and the bare plaster sucked the paint off my brush almost before I touched the walls! It needed at least two coats and took me several full days of slog. I ached abominably after each session; am I feeling my age at last? I really must get back to doing yoga!

Then hubby offered to put up the curtain rail and we ran into problems. Drilling into the centre part above the French door he hit a very hard bit, which our elderly drill wouldn't penetrate. The screw hole wasn't deep enough to hold the bracket and despite re-siting slightly it remained the same. Eventually, after a couple of frustrating hours during which we cursed DIY and homestyle shows generally and hubby decided to put a shorter screw in the offending top part of the bracket (after a bit of a Polyfilla job on the now-too big hole) and this jolly wheeze did the trick. So curtain bracket and pole are now securely ensconced above said French door. Hooray!

Finally it's pretty much done. I just want to at some point give the doors another coat of gloss and paint the new pipe under the radiator, but then that's it. Phew!

Next job...the kitchen! (But that's much smaller.)

I now have a small birthday portrait/cartoon to do so that'll keep me away from the paintpots for a day or two. But I'll have to pick up the brushes and do more soon...sigh...


fhiona galloway said...

lovely room Sue-well done! :0)

natural attrill said...

Lovely work Sue, looks bright and sunny, like the cream colour on the walls.

Caroline B said...

Well done Sue - looks so pretty and I love the pine dresser!

Gordon Fraser said...

Looking good Sue!