Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Busy Times

It seems a long time since my last post, but much has kept us at Scribbly Cottage busy. The house renovations have accelerated with Neil the builder working hard to tidy the upstairs, skimming walls and putting in new floors and a built-in wardrobe. One room was done while we were away for a week in Cornwall, so we missed the dust and noise. It took me a chaotic two days just before the holiday to scrape off the vile woodchip wallpaper in that room though. Then on our return we discovered a lot more wallpaper in the stairwell/landing/hall areas, hiding under layers of paint and it all had to come off! That was when we caved in and bought a wallpaper stripper! That's ongoing, while Neil works his magic on our bedroom. We're having a big fitted wardrobe!
Our elderly 1940's bedroom furniture, which was good and solid I would have liked to retain and use elsewhere, but apart from a chest of drawers which I've pinched for my studio, the rest has been put on Freecycle as we have no more space, and found new homes. Chaos reigns generally upstairs with the furniture and clothes all over the place, then a room is finished and it's musical chairs...clearing stuff out of the next room and distributing everything between the other rooms. Hubby and I are sleeping in the sitting room and I'm working on the dining room table. There's not a clear surface in the house! Still, it'll be worth the aggro in the end I hope.

Our week in Cornwall was variable weather-wise but the water was freezing! I went into the sea in my wetsuit but without my wetsuit boots and within the hour I'd lost touch with my feet!

The boys were well wrapped up, though!
More photos soon!