Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lookin' good!

There have been several weeks of heavy DIY since the builder left, mostly performed by hubby. The cottage has been painted , prinked and preened. Every room had to be completely redecorated because of the renovation project and now only oddments remain to be done, mostly outside. Even the front door has had a new coat of shiny black paint and I was out there this morning applying Brasso to the brass letterbox and lock.

Here's our sitting room before work started:

And after:

Pictures, long stored, have started to go on the walls again. It's looking more homely at last. Here's a portrait of me done in the 70's by my friend and flatmate Lynda, as part of a project when we were at art school. It's 20"x16" and it's now on show in my stairwell at home. I love it!

It's not all been plain sailing, not by a long chalk. For instance, the little original pine plank door under the stairs suddenly broke a hinge, just a few days ago. Unfortunately we discovered that a previous owner had embedded the hinge screw plate into the door jamb wood somehow, making it impossible to unscrew......and after a lot of head scratching (and cursing), hubby had to part saw and part wrench the broken remains out of the doorjamb so that the new hinge could be attached. It meant repairing and repainting that patch...good job we've kept the pots just in case!

Hey least things are getting back to normal now and one last push tidying up the drive and garden will see us ready to go on the market. At possibly the worst time for 20 years! Sigh..................