Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Kernow (Cornwall)

It's taken years, but at last, just in time for Christmas, we moved into our little terraced cottage in a quiet area of Cornwall. We have moors on our doorstep and a brief drive to beaches; town within walking distance; it's perfect. The history of this place encompasses prehistory, the place is dotted with ancient stone remains and the industrial revolution, in the shape of the many old mine workings and engine houses that dot the landscape.

Yesterday we decided to walk up to the carn at Bolenowe, where I was sure there would be panoramic views. I wasn't wrong.

Starting off from our gate...

A few turns and down the lane towards the moor

Charlie finds something of interest where the brook tumbles underground. Our house rear is one of those behind the field.

Jacobs sheep in the field up the lane.

Climbing the track upwards onto the moor. There are many stables and liveries in this area.

The view from the top. In the distance is St Ives Bay.

Old mine buildings dot the landscape

Just imagine what it would be like on a clear day!
This mysterious deep cut had the look of old mine workings but we didn't venture down there. Onwards!

There are at least two mine buildings in this telephoto shot.

Sweet ponies wearing their winter coats

Modern signage hasn't reached this sleepy corner, thank goodness!

You don't need many of these stones to build a dry stone wall!

Great views of the monument on Carn Brea.

Looking back from whence we came

Dropping back into the village

And back home!


Helz said...

It looks totally idyllic Sue! Glad to see you are enjoying the area. Helz x

PG said...

Good to see you settled in (I thought I could spy a tin mine, with the tall chimney?) - it's very wild and open, isn't it? Now I know where the clouds tumble our way from when the wind is coming west. And so near St Ives - lucky you!

Magpie Magic said...

It looks lovely! Glad you are (mostly) set up and settled in.

Sue said...

Helz- We still keep pinching ourselves! We were so lucky to find a place in this area.

PG- Oh yes, tin mines are everywhere! There's a group of partially restored chimneys and engine houses right at the boundary of the village, by the road, then a mine museum down another lane nearby. All pencilled in for visits!

Thanks, Sybille! We're getting there and will be lots more organised when we can find some nice storage furniture, wish I had the big bookcase that was built-in back in Lincs!

Iain said...

How lovely... I'm very home sick.

I could offer similar photographic walks, though less scenic up here in South London.

I must remind myself that there are no Art Deco mansions such as this back home and am grateful that I do at least have Wandsworth, Clapham and Tooting commons within minutes walk from my front door, London living isn't all smoke and housing estates !

Looking forward to the many engravings of tin mines coming our way... x

Sarah Wimperis said...

glad you are settled in, dont fall down any mine shafts! Will pop over for a coffee soon!

natural attrill said...

How lovely Sue.
Wishing you both lots of happiness in your new home.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Sue, glad to know that you've settled in and are enjoying your new home. Hope to see you in St Ives sometime in 2010 - let me know if you plan to come over. Best wishes. Lesley

Are you curious about me? said...

Thank you for this little walk, just what I needed on a 'very' cold day like today.

fhiona galloway said...

oh looks lovely Sue!
hope you are all very happy :0)

June said...

That was fun, thanks for inviting us to join your walk. Glad to know you found such a pretty place to live.

Miss jane said...