Friday, January 08, 2010

A bit of the cold stuff

It's Cornwall...and it's been snowing. Not much, by what other parts of the country have had but this is somewhere that doesn't generally 'do' snow. The ground is rock solid and glass-slippy, the steep road up the hill from the town has only just re-opened to traffic and the good citizens of Troon are wandering round, looking bemused. 'What's all this yur white stuff, then?' and 'We ain't used to this!' I hear them chuckle. 'Roll on, summer,' we all say. And there's apparently more of that thur white stuff on the way. Time to get out for a walk while I can, then.

Out of the house and down the road....

Past Pendarves St with it's little stream.

Walking to the other end of the village, to the old South Condurrow tin mine workings. This is Marshall's shaft Pumping Engine house, used for pumping water out of the mine.

And this is the Winding Engine House.

Across the road another walker exercises his hound. I can see at least 6 old chimneys in the landscape beyond. This area is riddled with old mine shafts. When you buy a property here these days you have to get a mining survey, just to make sure there aren't any known shafts that run beneath.

Peering inside there's not a lot to see now.

Says it all, really.

As magnificent as any cathedral.

But a good job the shafts are filled in!

I love these old places. In their heyday the village wouldn't have been a pretty place. There would have been noise and spoilheaps and muck aplenty.

Inside one of the engine houses, a tumble of twigs look like writhing snakes.

Fantastic views are to be had.

Looking over towards St Ives

Look...there it is! And you can see the huge sand dunes of Hayle too.

Man and his dogs go walkies

And so do I...back into the village and homewards.


Jan said...

I just love those old buildings, nothing here is of that kind of permanence - once something is no longer of use it's usually pulled down to make way for the next thing. 'Antiques' start just before WW2....Thanks for the beautiful scenes, makes a nice change from our unending swathes of conifers.

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