Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Cool walk on Praa Sands

Saturday late afternoon and surf was up, so Mart loaded up Boris the faithful Vee Dub with board and dog and we sped off the few miles to Praa Sands. Praa is just along the coast from Penzance, a steeply sloping beach, pretty area.

Mart suited up, grabbed his board and was in like a shot. Not me. I was full of cold and not inclined to bare a single centimetre of flesh to the cooly-blowing wind! That and I don't have a winter wetsuit! Instead I took Charlie and the camera for a little pootle along the beach.

Our digital camera is starting to have little problems and at present you can only see a blurry image through the viewfinder, although the picture itself comes out sharp. So much if the photography was guesswork composition-wise. I think it turned out ok tho'.

There was a stiff offshore breeze

Plenty of other walkers. Who lives in the house on the cliff?

I bet it gets a bit rough during stormy weather!

The water looked...refreshing!

Speaking of refreshments there was a cafe...closed for the winter.

A surfer comes in...not mine, sadly. He was still out there enjoying the waves.

The surfers look like seals as they bob about.


As the sun sank, textures revealed themselves

Time to wend our way home.