Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gwithian Beach

This is our local beach, Gwithian. It's a great place to surf or walk and is just a few miles from where we live. There's a car park at the beach, but as the charges have just gone up again, we like to park further away and walk over the sand dunes.
There's Gwithian lighthouse in the distance. Just beyond the headland is a seal colony.
Today the beach is almost deserted, even though it's near the bank holiday. That's St Ives in the distance.
Down the steep steps by the lifeguards hut to the dog-friendly part of the beach. Despite dog dirt bins, too many people still don't pick up their pooch's poo and even worse, do pick it up, but then leave the filled bag stuffed under a grass tussock in the dunes! Why don't they take the bag to the poo bins?
Down onto the sand. Safe to let Charlie off his lead. He really doesn't like other dogs; a legacy of his past life before he was abandoned, I should think. He's just a grumpy old man, now.
Hubby's job is to throw the ball as far as poss.
The steps we came down. We won't be going back up them!
It's yours truly and Charlie.
Not a soul about, to the left...........
...or the right.....apart from Him Indoors, of course!
A bit further along the beach are the other steps. Much less steep!


fhiona galloway said...

looks gorgeous!

Sue said...

It'll be heaving when the visitors start coming down, but at least it's a big enough beach to have some elbow room. Except when it's high tide, then you lose most of it!:-D

Caroline B said...

What a wonderful beach - I'm so envious of your new life!

The English Writer said...

Gwithian beach is our favourite. We ket the boys run riot! Shame the Sandsifter closed, though I hear a new cafe/restuarant is opening, best wishes, karen.

natural attrill said...

Oh Sue, I dont like this blog, every time I look I want to be by the sea :(
You live in a lovely place, and really it is good to see your photo's :)

Sue said...

Thanks for the comments, and I'm sorry I'm making you jealous, Penny! LOL!

Hi Karen, I think the new restaurant is open now, there was a sign on Monday evening. I don't like the way they have upped the car park charges in the one by the Sunset Cafe....there's no free parking after 6pm now. :-( I shall have to join the National Trust.