Friday, June 18, 2010

Belly laughs

I thought it was about time to christen the new bellyboard, so here I am at Gwithian, one warm summer's evening, suited up and ready. I wasn't sure what to expect; the ride was likely to be different to my floaty, foam Morey bodyboard.
This chap was just checking I didn't have any pasties on me.

And this one was just checking the seagull out.

Eeek! Water!!

Hmmmm.....not bad....not bad at all!

And again......

Good so far, hair's still dry though; can't have that!

Now if someone would just cover that pesky sun......

There are a lot of these jolly - looking jellyfish washing up on the north coast at the moment. Best not to tread on them, I believe they don't sting much but could give you problems if you are prone to anaphylactic shock. (The spellchecker has just suggested 'intergalactic' shock! I like the sound of that. It's jellyfish, Jim, but not as we know it. LOL!)

You lookin' at me? Are you lookin' at me? Do you want some, come on you think you're hard enough? (Sigh from bored jellyfish)

Meanwhile, back at the surf, Sue has finally got her hair wet.

This is the one that gave me the washing machine experience. I emerged sandy, dripping and with a long string of er...snot dangling.....not in the least least I wore a wide grin!

Come on in, Charlie, the water's lovely!

Ooof, that was a refreshing one! The ride is lower in the wave than with a foam board and my take-offs need working on. Still, I'm not missing many waves.

Just one more ride.......

It's almost 9pm and curry calls. We came out straight from working late and haven't had our tea.

Put that camera away!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A parcel arrived...

Aeons ago, when we first mooted the possibility of a move to Cornwall, Mart said he'd buy me a new surfboard. At the time we assumed that, because I was a boogie boarder (shallows only), that the next obvious step would be a beginners stand up board, or Swellboard. Decades passed....or so it seems when you badly want something....(but it was some 15 years), and six months ago we moved to a little piece of Cornish heaven.

However, having tried stand-up surfing on numerous holidays in between moot and move and not doing everso well at it, (too stiff despite yoga, too unfit and a weak swimmer plus that bit older) the idea slowly slid towards the sunset. I was a one boogie-board woman. (Similar to a honky-tonk woman, only wetter) Until.........

We joined the National Trust! You weren't expecting that, were you? It's not that we were that keen on walking round old stately homes for free, you understand but the best car park for our local Beach is owned by the National Trust...anyway we joined; get free parking to go surfing; result. But when you join organisations like this you get presented with rainforests worth of jolly newsletters and info and after a quick read it was destined for the recycle bin, when I noticed an article about the World BellyBoarding Championships, held near St Agnes, Cornwall in September.

The photos showed not the young rippers, with foam Morey boards and flippers doing aerials and 360s, but old buffers like me, having a really great time on thin little wooden boards! Well, I had to check out the website, didn't I?  . And blow me, what a wheeze it is! Basically you charge into the water, wait for a wave and launch yourself onto the board in front of said wave. You should get a nice ride into the shore. I do this when I use my foam bodyboard of course, but apparently these little plywood boards can catch smaller waves than a bodyboard can (no more disappointing ankle-slapper wave days) and your ride is faster, more in the wave than on it. (The competition rules don't allow wetsuits though!)

How could I resist? After all, he said he'd buy me a board.......

Fresh from the wonderful Original Surfboard Company, owned by Sally Parkin (we had a lovely chat over the phone, what a nice lady!) my shiny new plywood bellyboard arrived next day (today) and stands resplendent by the door. I'm off to check the surf webcams!