Monday, September 13, 2010

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yes, once again, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th September. A chance to dress up in garb piratical, practice your "Arrrrr!'s and get some serious timbers shivered.

Many take the opportunity to make it a charity fund-raiser and raise funds and laughs at the same time. And if you live in Cornwall or will be there on the day, the Cornish Pirates rugby team in Penzance (many of whose fans dress as pirates on match days anyhow) Sunday Sept 19th coincides with a home game against Birmingham and Solihull Rugby Club. So we are encouraging everyone to come dressed as a pirate. There are prizes and give-aways for the kids and a 'best dressed pirate' prize, so come along! Sunday 3pm. You might even see a decent game of rugger!


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Have fun Sue - I'm working on Sunday so won't be able to be there unfortunatley. Will keep fingers crossed that the Pirates win!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Should have checked my spelling, I do know how to spell 'unfortunately' really!

Caroline B said...

Thank you for reminding me! I always forget about this until the late afternooon of the day - just a shame I won't be at work to involve the children in it!