Friday, December 31, 2010

Boxing Day walk to Cadgwith

Cadgwith is a picturesque fishing village nestled down at the tip of Cornwall, near the Lizard. A mecca for tourists with very un-vehicle friendly streets (unless you have a boat!). We parked in the free carpark up the hill at Ruan Minor and with the dog bundled up in his new winter coat, headed off towards the steep footpath down into Cadgwith itself.  It was a grey day with an icy wind to probe your unmuffled bits. Brrrr!
 Over the stone stile.....
 There's Cadgwith below......
 And another stone stile into a cut which gave blessed relief from the wind.
 The footpath leads into the village...
 Parking spaces are like gold dust, here, even if you live here.
 Walking down between the pretty cottages
 And down into the village centre, past the pub (which hosts the very excellent Cadgwith Singers every Friday night on St Inebriatus's Eve!)
 And here are the fishing boats, pulled up onto the shore.
 Christmas decorations hang from wires, seagulls relax on the shingle.
 A jolly pleasant sight.

 What scared the seagulls off?
 Pretty cottages in abundance. I have to say though, I've seen photos of this place taken during storms and the waves batter the windows!

 And if you haven't got a car, park your boat in your car parking space!

 Time to get home for a hot chocolate!


Are you curious about me? said...

I have just been on your lovely walk to Cadgwith, it looks a wonderful place and an easy walk going down, but must have been a 'climb' coming back up that hill... I hope you stopped off for some refreshment before you attempted getting back to the car.

~ Julie

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Yes, it looks cold Sue - lovely photos though, both village and cove are so picturesque.

Have you followed the cliff path from Kelynack? to Cadgwith yet? If not, it's well worth doing. Happy New Year, Lesley. x

PG said...

Brrr! I don't think I could live so close to the sea, even though those cottages are delightful - lovely walk! (Landlocked landlubber that I am - I do miss the sea)