Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Sunday Stroll

What a lovely change from the vile weather we've had of late. Almost spring-like and a perfect excuse to get out for a stroll through the Towans and down the steep path to the sands of Gwithian.
 Part of the old mine workings that dot the area. It was a steep scramble up here and I had to grab the dog before he launched himself over the drop onto the beach, at the top!

The mouth of the tunnel/cave
 Old ironwork that has rusted to a sculptural form and stained the rock it's attached to.

 Another intriguing shaft-like cave. I must try and find out about this area.

 Bits of wood and iron jut up from rock, their original uses obscured.

 There were plenty of other walkers on the beach, luckily the beach is so large everybody's spread out. Till the tide comes in and everybody is confined to a narrow strip of pebbles!

 Sea-worn bricks form an old outlet.

Back on top of the cliffs, a last gaze at the panorama. In the far distance across the bay are the houses of Carbis Bay, St Ives's neighbour.

And finally, a pic I took last week with my new camera. The lighting was wonderful.