Monday, February 14, 2011


We went for a nice Saturday morning stroll over Gwithian beach. The swell was heavy and waves were breaking high against the lighthouse rocks. One poor lady misjudged the waves as they broke on the beach, and got caught with her little dog! She saw the water coming too late, tried to run for it....but fell over! The little dog was fine, he just had a jolly good shake and was dry. Obviously that wasn't an option for the lady, who was soaked from the waist down, but to her enormous credit, continued the walk to the end of the beach and back again to the warmth of her car.

 The 'Better Half' surveys the scene. No surfing today, me 'ansome!
 At least the dog's happy, snuffling and scratching in the sand.

When we returned to the van, we decided to go for a coffee, so we deposited the dog in the front of the aged camper and walked towards the far end of the chalets, where the Jampot Cafe reigns. Very different in character to the Sunset cafe, by the carpark, which is more surfey, the Jampot is a sweet little venue to sip a decent mug of chocolate and survey the sea. It's distinctive roundhouse design stands out and is very simply furnished inside. An electric fan heater disguised as a log stove, brought ample heat to the little room, although there was also a vintage, out-of-action and very rusty pot bellied stove, which bore the sign 'No Smoking'! I did take a photo, but sadly accidentally deleted it, along with some of the other Jampot shots. Sigh..... Still, here are a few survivors to give you an idea.

 The Jampot Cafe! And aptly named for it's appearance.

 A few local magazines are thoughtfully left for browsing.

 The inside roof structure, very interesting. We will return!

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sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

I'm ashamed to admit to not even knowing about the Jam Pot up until now, let alone having visited, but will aim to do so before long. Nice pics Sue. x