Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Board meet, Lusty Glaze

Looking across to Newquay from Lusty

Just a few snaps I took on the 26th June of some lovely old sticks.... is it me/the angle of photo, but has that Surf Rider got a narrowed nose?

Here's another Surfrider. Lovely.

Little and large

More belly goodness.....these belong to Sean. He told me the board with the Classic board with the girl logo is the only one that's allowed in his flat! Hee hee...

Sweet little moggie

The british Museum of Surfing van was there with a goodly selection of nice boards

Gavin of Traditional Surfing with his boards....see those little bellyboards over at the edge? He shaped those. One of them is mine.

Here is Gladys as she was....

And as she is now I've done a paint job on her. Nice....?

Surfed her twice so far, had an absolute ball. Am in again at Gwithian tonight with any luck.